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Full Figured Fashion Week 2016 RECAP

After sulking for a few weeks that Full Figured Fashion Week is over I was more than ready to share this post and then all of the horrible events of injustice happened and it left me a bit traumatized. Now, I am ready to finish this, so let me share what I was doing during this amazing week. So let’s start with one of my favorite events, oh yes, the Curves at Sea All White Cruise at Full Figured Fashion Week 2016. This was my 3rd time making my way from Seattle to New York for the plus industry Oscar week of events for the full figure woman and I was ALL in for that.

Some of you are like hold on, what? Full Figured Fashion Week? It is all about empowering the full figured woman in allowing her to see herself in fly fashion but also have the opportunity to network with other amazing women and men in the plus industry. Who is responsible for this greatness? No one other than Ms. Gwen DeVoe the Creator and Executive Producer of Full Figured Fashion Week a former plus model turned mogul. Ms. DeVoe, CEO of DeVoe Signature Events has over 20 years of fashion event production experience under her stilettos. She put her vision to work and has made it happen making her a true icon of the plus industry. She has put together an amazing team and they have brought us another magnificent year! Check out the website now! www.fffweek.com

Women from across the nation audition to become one of the fabulous models to rock the runway during #fffweek. I had the pleasure of volunteering last year in Los Angeles and it was a full day of work and fun to see these ladies excitement and anxiety while waiting for their opportunity to stand before Ms. Sharon Quinn the #theoriginalrunwaydiva the creator of Model Behavior with Sharon Quinn. Go check out this shero!


FFFWeek lasted literally all week but I’m going to highlight a few of my favorites. Okay, so let me also say I traveled with 2 of my favorite ladies and as we landed after a long day of travel to NYC we found out that the luggage with the Curves at Sea all white outfits were chilling in Guadalajara and not coming off the tram was a epic fail and we were hangry! Yup, not hungry but hangry. You can imagine our pure annoyance and agitation. After several stern conversations and tag team phone calls it was obvious plan B was needed. The next day we awoke early and out the door to successfully come up with plan B before the Horn Blower Whistled out to the waterways. Thanks to Lane Bryant and Forever 21 stores, my ladies were good to go. Well, at least everyone is set for the summer white parties! Lol!

My Ladies

Okay, we arrived dazzled in white to get in the famous Curves at Sea line and chit chatted with those to our left and right. Oh and everyone was looking divine. The sun was out, the sky was blue and the water was glistening. With that combination you know you have to take plenty of selfies and usies! The line move rather smoothly and onto the boat we were searching for the right seats to rest our feet when needed. Of course, we found some close to the food and view!

Recap becky Recap Estrella recap miss pinky recap shero  fffweek ebony walkerwhite caswhite sun set


The next day I was up and out for the Full Figured Fashion Week and PLUS Model Magazine Celebrate My Size Expo a very fun experience. The ladies and I shopped and enjoyed the freebies of goodies provided by the vendors and light refreshments. And I ran into some of my favorite curvy ladies from Oregon state body positive advocate and owner of Curvy Chic Closet Becky Jarvis and Fashion Events Director and plus model the gorgeous Teka Marie! #wearecurvychic www.curvychiccloset.com

becky teka

  • Fit for Me
  • Camelo De Bore
  • Ask Fashion
  • Lena J
  • Shoe B
  • Bandelettes
  • Ashley Stewart
  • Hannah Couture
  • Lane Bryant
  • Tru Diva
  • Boots By Pamela
  • Urban Beauty
  • Coral & Co


I have to call out a few!

Boots by Pamela, who specializes in wide calf boots! And hunty the cuties she had on her were HOTT and I’ve already put my name on the list! Check out the picture and if you want them too you must email her pamela@bootsbypamela.com  www.bootsbypamela.com

Boots by Pamela recap lovely

Courtney Noelle umm let’s just say fabulous on so many levels! A beautiful smile and fun personality! You must check out her designs. And she is #MoreThanPretty #girlboss all day.



I said “Oh My, I Love!” when I went to the table of Cameo D Phillips the owner/designer of Cameo de Bore’ Custom-made Oversized Clutches and hunty they are fierce! The variety and the options for bling are phenomenal. A must see and purchase for divas point blank period. www.CameodeBore.com

Oversized Cute Cluth cute clutch


Now let’s chat about Vicki Sylvain, this doll is clever! I was super geeked learning about her products, The She’B. Like every other woman you want to put on your epic stilettos right? And by the end of the evening you know they must come off! This right here! Is what you need. www.theshoeb.com


My intimate closet loves Fit for Me as #fffweek sponsors! I love the boy shorts they are sooooo comfortable. And so I loved getting new panties and a much appreciate fan and super fun sun glasses. I hope there is a round 3 next year!


Fitforme fitforme2


Swag bags are awesome and Ashley Stewart provided us with super cute bags with #IAMASHLEY t-shirts which are super comfortable. My ladies and I all rocked ours during the rest of our stay in NYC. Plus there was an awesome spot to take pics!


Ashley Stewart at Expo

My 2nd favorite event of the week is the Fashion Awards Show for obvious reasons. 1. It is a fashion show! 2. Honor is being given where it is due! 3. It’s time to get DRESSED! I was super excited about my red little number from #Popupplusny and a little waist belt from my pageant wardrobe. This year I really was happy for the honorees and their heartfelt acceptance speeches brought me near to tears several times.

Congratulations again to these ladies!

*Technical difficulties left me with no pictures of these beautiful ladies.

Blogger of the Year!

A true kind spirit who gave a heartfelt acceptance speech, a Latina sista Farrah Estrella is a Plus Size, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger based out of Tampa, Florida. What I truly respect and like about Estrella is her detailed report out on events that make you felt like you were in the room with her. She came into this industry looking for where she fit and so she got involved and became hands on and we are all so grateful she did. From her phenomenal pictures to her awesome prompt reports, snap snap snap! Take a moment and check out her reports! www.estrellafashionreport.com

Model of the Year

As I walked up to wish her congratulations she gave the warmest smile, Christina Mendez has become a model guru who is well-respected. Her client list is long with the likes of: Ashley Stewart, Always for Me, BET’s Rip the Runway, Cyberswim, Qristyl Frazier, Full Figured Fashion Week, Sofia Vergara and others. As she gave her acceptance speech she spoke about how advocating for her son has given her the increased ability to advocate for herself and being his voice allowed her to have a voice for herself. And let me add this beauty is holding it down without an agent. She gives glory and honor to God for her success and I salute her!

Photographer of the Year

Nikki Gomez the model who turned photographer! Nikki has been successful in commercial print, runway, fit and print modeling. The list for this diva is very-very long. Nikki is a superwoman with her diverse background in the plus size industry she had the vision to create plus size print division for Bicostal Management through this decision many plus model’s careers have launched. She gave an touching speech that resonated with me, Nikki spoke about having a health scare and how coming through that experience left her determined to not to deny her passion any more. In 2015, she began to put her energy and focus into her passion and expanding her photography business.

Designer of the Year

Tia Lyn is the leading independent fashion designer in the lingerie market and a two-time winner of the International CILA Award for the “Best Plus Size Collection”. Returning for her third year in a row, Tia is excited to showcase her latest curvy lingerie on the FFFWeek Catwalk.



Entrepreneur the Year Award

No newbie to the internet and social media, this respected expert Jennene Biggins gives small business clients fresh wind for their businesses by educating them on how to build a successful and profitable online presence for their products and services. She is the creator of her fashion marketing firm/community – The Voluptuous Woman Company® in 1997.

She also launched an app Plus Size Events App to keep us all in the know for events catering to the plus community. Which Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience II is using to help share about our event January 2017. It was simple to use!

http://www.getabusinessmobileapp.com Text PLUSSIZEEVENTS to 40691 to download the Plus Size Events App list your event today!


Junior Trailblazer of the Year

Egypt (Ify) Ufele, this cutie pie is getting kudos from all adults who hear her amazing story. This child prodigy is an excellent fashion designer at this tender age and an inspiration. Bullied for her weight and challenged by chronic illness that requires steroids Ify used her misery to help others and established Bully Chasers and designed a clothing line for kids who looked like her. I can’t wait to see what she will do in the future.


Stylist of the Year Award

Meaghan O’Connor a freelance wardrobe stylist and blogger. Her mission is to provide women with access to fashion and style tips from someone who knows what they are talking about. You can find her http://www.littlelimedress.com/. Using her past experiences and skills she has provided many with just the right information they need to be their fabulous self.


Boss Chick Networking Brunch

I awoke ready for this shindig to meet some amazing chicks. As I hopped in my uber with a super to friendly driver lol I joined a great group of women with amazing food and drinks from Harlem Bar-B-Q in Harlem. The room was full with women doing amazing things from personal stylist, models, brand managers, empowerment gurus and more. I am looking forward to next year! Stilettos off to Shay Rozay who made sure we were all good! Check this social medialite out at www.shayrozay.com

Kim and Gwen recap brunch

recap florida homey Recap Shay

This trip with some of my favorite ladies was super fun and frankly it would take another chapter to describe our adventures. Let’s just say I had a temporary new name and some entertaining company. However, I have more awesome content coming from the empowering events that I attended in June and with all that is going on in our nation I welcome walking down memory lane creating a recap for you all. Until next time. Remember you are more than enough to tackle any goal and dream that you have so keep going and never ever stop!