CBEIII_SaveTD 2017

SAVE THE DATE!!! Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience III

CBEIII_SaveTD 2017

I can’t believe that we are on our 3rd year of providing the Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience. It is with great honor to announce our Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience III and we are going to have such a good time and we are adding in a new addition that has been on our vision board but we were waiting for the right time. Drummmm roooolllll pleaseeeeeeee!!!! This year we are adding the Full Figured Fashion Experience runway show! If you have followed me any length of time you are more than aware that fashion is one of my loves in this world. We will have two panels one about Beauty & Wellness and Goal Divas building bridges over barriers! Our soul session will get you all the way together! And of course we must have our Mixxedfit on deck!!! Get your ladies and spend a weekend with us!!!

Last year our keynote speaker was amazing hailing from the state of Tennessee. This year I am so excited to have Natasha Monique Coleman who is a Master Trainer Select for the National Diabetes Prevention Program, CEO Royal Productions and Strategic Ambition, from the beautiful state of Florida!

Natasha Coleman KEY SPEAKER 2

Natasha Monique Coleman is a wife and mother of 3.  Natasha is a Florida native and was raised here in Panama City, Fl.  Natasha is a health consult for Florida Department Health/Diabetes Service Department and Level 3 Health Educator and is the Ambassador of the National Diabetes Prevention Program where she is a Master Trainer Select, she trains other Lifestyle Coaches nationwide how to interact and facilitate with the participants of the program. She is also a Health Educator with a Wellness Program for several Fortune 500 companies focusing on Stage 1 and Stage 2 Hypertension in the workplace.

Natasha will take on any opportunity to share her story and wellness journey that includes an over 200 lbs. natural loss as an example to prevent others from morbid obesity and chronic disease.  She has taken a personal stand here in Northwest Florida to educate others of the importance of healthy lifestyle choices to make small changes and see big results and to be a point of resource for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension of how to manage it.

Natasha’s Wellness Journey has been highlighted on several national platforms including The Steve Harvey Show in Chicago, Katie Couric Show in New York, Dr. Oz Magazine, Essence Magazine, Prevention and First for Women magazine to name a few.

Stay tuned for when ticket sales begin soon!

A Beauty

Hey Beauty!

A Beauty


When I was a young girl I remember playing on a grass hill and one of my aunts called out to me “You look soooo big and black!” as the sun was cascading on my back. It was clear in her tone and smirk that this was the worst possible names to be called. It was summer, I was heading into the fourth grade and for years after, that moment played in the back of my mind.

I was blessed with a mother who always talked about how beautiful my “black” was. She is a San Francisco native who grew up with “Say it Loud! I’m Black and I’m PROUD” She would tell me the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice! After that you could not tell me my black was not sweet.

As for the “big”, it creep up on me in 3rd grade. And continue to expand over the years. I wasn’t too concerned about that part besides she was NO little nugget herself lol.

What my aunt did was let me in on the fact that not everyone sees me as being beautiful. In her eyes, my dark melanin damned me to ugliness. I’m still praying for her. Lol, my point is beauty is all of you, from the birth mark to your body shape to your mane. It is all beauty that you must see in yourself. The world is cruel in how they define beauty. Don’t you dare be cruel to yourself.



CBE Hope

HOPE! Have you made your declaration?

CBE Hope

Hope or being hopeful is a state of being and believing.

I live in a mindset of being hopeful! It keeps me expecting the best  our of life and it keeps me motivated to stay the course for my goals and dreams.

I hopeful that each day will be better than before.

I am hopeful that my faith in God will sustain me even when I become doubtful and fearful.

I am hopeful that the people I surround myself with have my best interest at heart.

I am hopeful that the best is yet to come.

I encourage you to say out loud what you are hopeful for and live with an intentional heart.







Excited to invite you to join me every Friday beginning my birthday week on APRIL 7, 2017 as I take on issues that WE need and MUST talk about.

Let me make a quick list so you know what I am talking about.

1. I am fine! – But are we really? Why don’t we speak the truth?

2. I will DO something! – We are often glistened eyes and ready to jump at doing something and then we fall off. How can we stop doing  that?

3. Define Acceptance – I will let that marinated, how often do we accept the things that we can change?

This will be some gooooood chat so please join me on my Instagram: KimberlyWalkercbe, Periscope: Kimberlyjwalker and of course Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/kimjwalker

Check out my contact page and 1 click get you there!





How Dare You!

Say NO! No Way! Not happening! Not available! I don’t want too! I will not!

How often do we say those terms and then be “feeling” a certain type of way? It is as if our ability to make decisions that work best for us individually is just, too much to ask acceptance for. And the question I ask is why?

In using the word NO there is power and freedom. The expectations of society and people in our personal world can be managed when we have the courage to use the word NO. We often see it as being  negative and at times fearful of using it. I can think of many times when needing to step out to reach a goal I had to ask for support in monetary, time or another resource and I always told myself.(still do) “The worse they can say is NO.” If you read last weeks blog you will also see me saying that a NO is an opportunity to YES.

However, in this case, I want to spend a moment on how we use the word NO in self management and the prioritizing of our goals. The year is winding down and there are so many demands on our life. Personally, I can think of 12 times in the last 12 days that I just had to stand up and take a walk to breathe in and out and reframe how I was going to juggle all of the demands being asked of me.

I want to give you just a few tips to help you navigate this season of holiday events, end of year tasks and personal/professional relationship demands.

First know that “THE Struggle” is REAL. You are simply not alone in your quest to meet the needs of everything in your life. Just know the bottom line is that you can’t be everything and everywhere for everybody. You are human and not a Xmen or Avenger member as of yet. When you are contemplating using my new favorite word NO take note of these 4 lines:

When using the word NO please take note!

  • You are not a bad person.
  • You are not being unauthentic.
  • You are not being wrongfully selfish.
  • You are not mean.

When you feeling overwhelm it is time to prioritize your goals and what you want to really put the energy, time and money towards. Among remembering the 4 things we are not when we say no it is important to also remember our awesomeness and speak life into ourselves!

  • You are amazing.
  • You are enough.
  • You are more than the mistakes you sometimes make.
  • You are strong.

Take a moment to do something that makes you feel good. It can be your favorite drink, fruit, candy, movie, shopping or massage. This things give you that breathing time to stop, reflect and focus on what is most important to you.

Let us all finish out 2015 with joy, peace and cute lip stick!


Determiner: NO
not any.”there is no excuse”
  1. used to indicate that something is quite the opposite of what is being specified.
    “it was no easy task persuading her”
    hardly any. “you’ll be back in no time”
    used in notices or slogans forbidding or rejecting something specified.


Exclamation: NO
Ued to give a negative response.
““Is anything wrong?” “No.””
synonyms: absolutely not, most certainly not, of course not, under no circumstances, by no means, not at all, negative, never, not really; More

informalnope, uh-uh, nah, not on your life, no way, no way José, ixnay;
“no, I will not go on a date with your cousin Ralph”
antonyms: yes
  • expressing disagreement or contradiction.
    ““This is boring.” “No, it’s not!””
  • expressing agreement with or affirmation of a negative statement.
    “they would never cause a fuss, oh no”
  • expressing shock or disappointment at something one has heard or discovered.
    oh no, look at this!”
Adverb: NO
not at all; to no extent.
  1. “they were no more able to perform the task than I was”
Noun: NO; plural noun: noes
a negative answer or decision, as in voting.
“he was unable to change his automatic yes to a no”
*Google definitions
cbe everyone

Women Empowering Women – Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience

cbe everyone

As the founder and CEO of Curves Beautifully Empowered I feel full and satisfied with the launch of our first Curves Beautifully Empowered Weekend. My vision has been in my mind, talked about with family/friends and written down in my journal for the last 3 years. Last year I woke up one day, not employed, still healing from an almost fatal experience and thinking to myself I am in no shape or form prepare to launch or start working on Curves Beautifully Empowered. But I pressed on and start laying the foundation. Oh and of course the beginning stages have not been easy. Many experiences transpired in preparation for this amazing weekend: defining of personal and professional relationships, ideas being shattered and the complications of life happening. Through all of the adversity Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience has successfully happened and I am over joyed with the outcome and so excited about the future!

Our kick off was warm, wonderful and exciting! We asked the ladies in the room two questions:

  1. Describe a time when Women Empower Women.
  2. Describe a time when Women do NOT Empower Women.

wem wnem

Oh the answers were real! The comment that stuck out in my head was this. “A woman empowers a woman when she is secure with who she is and content in her life. And a woman does not empower a woman when she is comparing herself to another because of insecurities and lashes out in unhappiness.” That is DEEP right? How often do we speak that truth and be honest with ourselves? And others?

Saturday was a full day of workshops, our panel, Mixxedfit and meals! Here is what happened.

Again, how often can women come together to be supportive and inspirational to each other? The first things that happen was together creating and committing to rules of inspiration and empowerment:

  • Be Open
  • Be Here
  • Be Kind
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Able To Receive
  • Be Yourself
  • Be Drama Free
  • Be A Learner
  • Be Forgiving of yourself and others
  • Be Understanding
  • Be Loving
  • Be Free
  • Be Complimentary
  • Be Real aka Authentic
  • Be Open To Growth
  • Be Awake
  • Be Thankful

Our rule of engagement set the tone for a movement of inspiration and empowerment to be born in Washington State. Each woman brought something to give and walked away with some nuggets to keep.

Our first workshop “Reflection to Perfection” left us with two huge nuggets. One of the first things we learned is that we are constantly experiencing 3 stages in our life.

Climbing >   Going higher

Rebuilding > Starting Over-Building

Stumbling > Trying to get up

Every woman identified where they currently were, this helpful because it gives each lady a marker for where her work and goal setting needs to be but also that it is truly okay we are all at a center level for a reason. The second nugget given was that perfection is really equated to being FREE! Now, that blow our minds because how often do we equate perfection to stress, getting it right, not making mistakes and our Inspirational Workshop speaker Ruth Walker shared that perfection is our ability to be free in who we are. Perfection was never an achievement but the journey. BLOWN AWAY! Connect: http://www.pruthie.com

Our second Inspirational Workshop Speaker DeAndrea Williams came and laid us out with awesome beauty tips in our Polish It workshop. My favorite tip was buy lip sticks, shadow colors that you love cheaply at our favorite bargain stores but spend the extra for a great foundation. Here are a few more of her tips:

  • Purchase the correct undergarments for your wardrobe/body! A light spanx or serious body magic can go a long way to create the polish look you desire.
  • In your closet have a pencil skirt, nice fitting button down white shirt, a touch of animal print, a complementing blazer.
  • The make-up you see in magazines are editorial, they are not necessarily made for you to wear at work so be appropriate in your look for the setting you are walking into.
  • Pop in to thrift stores and look around because you will be amazed at what you might find. Mrs. Williams found a $700 never been worn yumminess for her feet!

The best tip that she gave was to ultimately be your -self and love on yourself by looking good and feeling good.

Our power packed lunch with Maura Barclay was so informative. I can’t do all that she shared justice but I walked away with 2 points: Honor the PING, you know that thing that tells you when you’re walking the park to be cautious or the guy you’re on the date with just gave off bad energy. Which means the PING is telling you to flee from the situation. It does not matter what others think about your actions. Your safety and wellbeing is QUEEN! Secondly, our power is in our body and how we present our body. Stand tall and boldly. To know more about Maura is to love her: www.unbreakablewoman.com

FB Pro Page: Unbreakable Woman FB Personal Page: Maura Barclay Yoga Twitter: @BeUnbreakable

Now let’s chat about our panel with the topic of “Be Empowered, Move Forward” what a breathe taking and life giving experience. Each woman had so much to share but here is what stuck out to me about what each woman shared.

panel ladies


Kimi Lee King a health and wellness expert shared, keep it simple, we often complicate life where we don’t have to. Take each moment as it comes. I LOVE Kimi for this reminder! Connect: klking@seattleymca.org

Diane Lutovsky talked about how she created Life Lessons Academy in honor of her mother who felt like she was just a mother and not worthy of even a calendar. Creates opportunities for women to learn about many topics and provides a headshot. Connect: www.Lifelessonsacademy.com

Karly Rose a woman who did poorly in school never thought that she would be an owner of 2 award winning businesses and national beauty pageant title holder but now stands boldly sharing her story about dealing with body image issues. www.klassypermanentcosmetics.com

Kakela Hall Sr. gave a remarkable account about how as a younger woman she made a choice that could have robbed her of her freedom and how she handled that. She also shared how her and her husband took their savings after she had been laid off and 5 months pregnant to launch their business KD Hall Communications. Connect: Kela@kdhall.com | www.kdhall.com

Stephanie Rose an Advertising Executive and mother spoke about balancing work life and family life and the importance of creating a professional reputation that makes employers seek you because the level of work you provide is above and beyond. Connect: Srose@hbi.com

Kathei McCoy spoke about leaving her 6 figure income to launch her business of being a public speaker and life coach for others and how when tragedy struck her with the loss of her son, how she moved forward. Learn more: www.katheimccoy.com

Fralisa McFall shared about her experience of opening her school Imagination School and how she is able to provide a level of service to students that is unique to her school. Fralisa also shared how people can make a judgement on image and miss out providing their children with a unique opportunity of learning.

Denise Johnson a mother and national beauty queen was the moderator and brought great perspective to the discussion. Denise restated the importance of women coming together to support, uplift and inspire each other because there are so many jewels that can be shared amongst each other.

Saturday conclude with a hot Mixxedfit session by Deidre Daymon that worked out each and every woman in the building. Wearing our Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience T-shirts (available to you) and our white socks we had a fun work out! Join her weekly class: deidrediane@hotmail.com

Deidre MFcbe fitccbe fit3

cbe group superman cbe ladies  Deidre Tiffany katheir Joycecamileladies 2ladies empowering ladiesLadies Supportpanel

erika jessica friends cbe George Jean

You Can Reach Your Goals!

Be Determined, Be Committed, Be Willing to Sacrifice…

Gorgeous Alanna
Gorgeous Alanna w/College Access Now

The foundation of my keynote speech last night to College Access Now 2015 graduates was be determined, be committed and be willing to sacrifice. As I was preparing for this wonderful celebration it caused me to reflect upon my academic journey. What it took for me to get to college and stay in college. I begin to remember some of my frustrations and nagging questions about pursuing my future.  Above all else I was learning how to navigate the world and defining who I was for myself.

What I realized is that a lot of what I learned in those informative young adult years truly carried over to how I think and interact today. So there is no wonder that I am passionate about empowering others to go after their goals and dreams because I was committed and determined to pursue mines.

Here are a couple key take away points from last night.

  • The challenges we experienced make us stronger and more determined to reach our goals. Challenges are also a point of reference for the future. If you can make it through the previous challenge you can make it through the next.
  • WE have the ability to accomplish any goal we set personally.

Please repeat after me! Be Determined! Be committed! Be willing to sacrifice!

Ended my keynote with a selfie! They ROCK!
Ended my keynote with a selfie! They ROCK!
she worth it

You are worth it!

You Are Worth It!

Ladies! How often have you questioned yourself and said “Am I worth it”? Some of us it is every single day and others when life gets a bit heavy and we are completely worn out. I am here to tell you today that when those moments occur you will tell yourself “YES Woman, You are MORE than worth it every single breath”!

And why???

Because you were created to be just you! Not the images you see on the golden screen or in your living room, not the image you see when you finally got your caboose to the gym and not what others might have said to you. You are that wonderful person that wakes up and looks in the mirror to prepare for another day.

“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.” — Sheila Murray Bethel

You are amazing just the way you are and you and only you have to power to improve upon yourself to be a better you each and every day. We all have our moments of feeling down and low but what is important is that we do not stay there. Put on your favorite song and SHAKE IT OFF! And have a fabulous moment moving forward.



Next we are talking about 3 steps to feel empowered! Stay tuned!!!!