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How many times do we wish we had just a little more support? Shoot some of us wish that we had support period! I want to offer this opportunity for you to connect with me and other like minded goal driven women who have the goal of achieving their goals. Sound awesome right? YES and I don’t want you to delay not one more moment.

Here is my offer!



Yes you read it correctly! For $49 I am going to hook my Queens up with a two weeks worth of support from me and the other ladies who join us! You are investing in yourself so don’t hesitate, take full advantage of this offer because frankly you my dear deserve ALL of the intentional support for your goals. We start September 1st, 2017!!!!!

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CBE Mask


CBE Mask

A lot of folks have their public and private life. And some folks are able to balance the pressure of both well. And others simply put a mask on not really being authentic in their public life or private life. The first question I always want to ask is why? What is the fear you have?

I am a true believer that being authentically you is the most freeing and beautiful state of being. Being you is living life as you have chosen, living life your way regardless what lemons it can toss you.

Think about this quote: “One of the greatest tragedies in life is to lose your own sense of self and accept the version of you that is expected by everyone else.”  K.L. Toth

It has me thinking again about one’s worry about what everyone else perception of them. It seems like a unfair burden to carry on based on other people. If you read my earlier post you know I am not a fan of that!

Here is another perspective-

Think about this quote: ““You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.” -Vironika Tugaleva

Who are you really? What defines who you are? Are you hiding behind a mask that starves the world of your personal awesomeness.

Today, I just want you to think.





CBE Hope

HOPE! Have you made your declaration?

CBE Hope

Hope or being hopeful is a state of being and believing.

I live in a mindset of being hopeful! It keeps me expecting the best  our of life and it keeps me motivated to stay the course for my goals and dreams.

I hopeful that each day will be better than before.

I am hopeful that my faith in God will sustain me even when I become doubtful and fearful.

I am hopeful that the people I surround myself with have my best interest at heart.

I am hopeful that the best is yet to come.

I encourage you to say out loud what you are hopeful for and live with an intentional heart.




Ms ABP Ambassador

Your Determination Informs Your Future!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope today you woke up feeling powerful, amazing and more than enough! Ready to soar in your personal awesomeness!!!

My name is Kimberly Walker the Founder & CEO of Curves Beautifully Empowered and this is Focus Friday! Our topic today is: Our Determination Informs Our Future!

The best way for me to explain is to share my story about 2014.

In 2014 I contracted a staph infection that almost took my life. It started with a pain in my shoulder that turn from nagging to raging pain. I wanted to go home and ice it or warm it. Just get me home was all I was thinking!

Got home it became worse. My legs swelled and in need for relief I asked my sister for luke warm water so I could soak my tight feet and after immersing it, my feet blister within seconds. My father said, you have an infection

To the ER I went and within 2 hours I was on the surgery table, my family not knowing what fate I would have but they are Godly people who love Jesus and they prayed for me along with my church family others who were called upon.

While in semi-unconsciousness for 8 days, I fought for my life between a dark and light. And I remember wanting to scream out and telling God that, I am not ready yet, there is so much to be done. I have so much purpose.

The 8th day I came full to consciousness and look around to see my family and close friends. Flowers and balloons.

I was also fully informed that I didn’t have insurance through my employer AND I knew I only had 2 ½ months left of employment. Oh and I was entered in to the American Beauties Plus Pageant for April! I had to decide was I going to let that moment define me or will I define this moment with determination to conquer this challenge

Four the next week I made small commitments to myself to:

  1. Regain my ability to walk and have balance.

  2. Mentally practicing my steps/turns to compete.

  3. Work on my interviewing skills.

  4. Go back to work and close out my job to the best of my ability. *Note my mom was over my employer and came to my center every day! Lol.

  5. When people showed me who they were in their speech and actions, I believed them.

  6. I kept my mindset positive and spirted with determination.

  7. I kept my daily prayer and devotion life tight to increase my strength.

These things propelled me to get on a flight with my sister friends and family to Atlanta, and compete and win a national crown.

Ms ABP Ambassador


My determination informs my future, it shapes my victory and my intentional action seals the deal.



Building Bridges Over Barriers – Focus Friday

focus fri

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Happy Friday!!!!

Thank you for stopping by to check out my chat about Building Bridges Over Barriers today. Unfortunately Facebook live was not working for me so you can only catch it on Periscope.

For those who are new my page, my name is Kimberly Walker and I am the CEO & Founder of Curves Beautifully Empowered. My passion and purpose is to inspire and empower people to soar into their personal awesomeness!!!! You can always find me here but also on Periscope: kimberlyjwalker, Facebook: /kimjwalker and Instagram: Kimberlywalkercbe!

So here are a few thoughts I have about creating bridges in life so you can be successful in whatever it is in life that you want to pursue.


1. Have the right mindset! In other words, get yo mind right!!! Tell yourself “I will conquer this barrier!” everyday and any moment you feel fear and doubt creeping over your shoulder. Also make sure that you are thinking outside of the box! Yes as a matter of fact don’t stay in the box, think outside of it, go around it and flip that mofo OVER! You don’t have time to be boxed in and limited. The biggest barrier starts with your mindset.

2. Do the work! Research it! Find out who has achieved what you desire in your life. Seek out “think partners” who will stretch you beyond what you can see. Seek out mentors! And not the mentors who just want to say that they have mentees. Find a mentor who will help hold your hand at times and share resources.  And when you find these folks, make sure you align yourself with them. That means also investing in yourself and using those coins to pay for their time. Most successful folks love to share but time is also money and there has to be a balance so be ready to invest in what you seek. But most  importantly build authentic relationships in life will make you or break you.

3. Don’t stop until you get your yes. NO is temporary! No is a line that you can step over to get your yes!. NO for me equals New Options! It just an opportunity for me to figure out what else is other there. To figure out, what is missing. That is why I use vision boards to keep me focused on my goals and no matter what walls or barriers pop up I am still focused with time lines and deadlines.

Until next Friday, God Bless!!!


Empowering (MY) OUR Curves

On a cold and sunny day I stepped on the scale and to be honest my face made a look that was not too pretty. The scale said I gained 15lbs and I was in a disagreement. Now, I’ll be transparent I struggle daily with achieving my weight loss goals. And why? There are many reasons but here are my top 4.

1. I am a emotional eater. So, pretty much when things make me happy I celebrate with food. When life punches me in the gut? I often find comfort in food. And you know what? I can cook some amazing food.

2. I don’t love working out. Yup, I said it. I find it necessary but at times painful. I become easily bored and I simply find more pleasure in walking by the water then pumping it out in a gym.

3. Work. Life. Balance. Is still an ongoing battle. I am woman who wear many hats well but I am human with the tendency to get worn out and stress out from time to time. Did you know good things can cause stress also?

4. I love me the way I am NOW. My desire to lose weight is purely about longevity and quality of life. I clearly understand the stress and strain on my type of body frame. But even with that being said, I have never really had a problem being the “big girl”, “Phatty Fat”, “Thicker Than Snickers” or “Plus Size”…no I have pretty much been okay with me! I’m too cute honey!

All four of these areas impact my success or lack of success on a daily basis to reach my health goals. And you know what? IT IS OKAY. I will eventually reach my goals because I know it is important to me, my family and I have a plan! I walk my talk! As I provide goal coaching in many areas, I also make sure that I take my own advice. What are you doing to reach your health goal? Have a plan? Email me today and let’s get started!
What I will not do is body shame myself. I will not hide or not stand boldly in this here now body. And why? Because #THISBODY is MINE on the good and bad days. And I will not dishonor it by starving it on crash diets and unhealthy weight loss gimmicks. No, no, NO! I lost over 100lbs by taking each day at a time and as I tackle this journey I will continue to take it day by day.


I want to encourage you to keep moving forward. Keep striving for what you want your body to be realistically but don’t forget to love your self the whole journey through. No matter if your 500lbs losing weight or 150lbs we all deserve grace.

That is why this years Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience will focus on women folks celebrating their bodies! No matter how large your curves are or how little, we are going to celebrate each other. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo get ready! Get ready! Get ready!

Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience II will be January 21st, 2017. Call your mom, mentor and friends and make sure you are in the room for this powerful round 2.


You are, We are Curves Beautifully Empowered!

Until Next time! xoxo

Goal diva ways

7 Days #Goaldivas Ways

Goal diva ways

Hello Happy February!

Can you all believe that January 2016 is done and out the door? Time can be a speed demon but time fly’s with more contentment when you are focused on achieving your goals. I want to introduce you all to my new opportunity “7 Days #Goaldivas Ways”. For 7 days you and I will rock through my powerful guide to get you on track to achieving your goals. Because face this fact, we are already done with the first month of the new year and are you truly satisfied with your results so far?

So, when will we get down and get started?  Starting February 8th! And your asking, now how much will this cost me? Yes, there is a cost because what you are investing in is YOU but I have a beautiful gift to include. The cost is $25 dollars which includes your 7 day guide, daily inspirational content and a complimentary 1 hour group call “Unblocking The Vision”.

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Merry Christmas Website

Merry Christmas! Guess What?

Merry Christmas Website

Did you say what? YOU are a ROCK STAR!

I am settling down to enjoy my family, friends and this season with a grateful and thankful heart. I had set out to accomplish several goals for myself in 2015 and guess what? IT HAPPENDED and I simply could not be more excited about the outcome of the year. Now on to 2016 and let me tell you it will be AMAZING!

Now, does that mean I had NO challenges? Not at all, because frankly some of the things I endured were quite painful but I was able to reframe and refocus and not lose sight of what I was working towards and for that I am truly happy.

I recognize that this season is not all jolly for everyone and depending on your loss or past experiences it can be out right painful. I want to encourage you to keep going and find joy in the little things around you regardless of your circumstances, because emotions go away but our decisions have consequences.

I want to leave you with 4 tips for the rest of 2015.

1. Say out loud daily: I AM________________________________________ fill in the blank your personal truth. You are amazing, uniquely made, perfectly imperfect, compassionate, articulate, giving, kind, strong, wise, learning and whatever else comes to mind POSITIVE.

2. Write it down and post some where visible in your home/car/office to remind yourself how great you are in the skin that your in.

3. Do something that puts a smile on your face.

4. Do something nice for someone else. We may not be happy in our present condition but somebody out there is going through something worse.

Haven’t set your goals yet? Want to give a gift to someone who NEEDS goal setting in their life?

Let’s talk! 4 week 4 goals special is still available at $197 if you email me with the code 4W4G This program provides you with weekly coaching, weekly inspiration and a custom workbook for you to use to guide you in your 4 week journey of tackling your goals.





halloween gol coach web

Procrastination is a web of DEATH


Definition: *Google



noun: procrastination | “The action of delaying or postponing something.”

Quite dramatic right? Well, it actually is that serious. Our goals and dreams can be killed if we don’t take steps to reach them continuously. The statement of “I will write a book one day!” stays a statement because steps were never taken consistently to make it happen one day. Even if life gives you lemons and limes you still have to keep moving forward!

I remember during my final year of graduate school, I had several projects due and the one assignment I was not excited about I kept putting off and I was wonderfully creative in thinking about 101 excuse for why I had not completed the assignment. Here were the TOP 5:

1. I am too busy!

2. The client rescheduled, I just have not had the time to return the email.

3. Oh my aching back, I will do it next week.

4. I can collaborate with my classmate and get it done faster. I’ll let him know next time I see him.

5. My cat licked my homework. I just don’t know what happened to it!

Okay, so you know excuse number 5 was pushing it! But the truth of the matter was I was going through emotional hell, my family had just endured a horrible tragedy. My 4 month old niece almost murdered by her biological father and was fighting for her life. My family and I spent 2 months at Children’s Hospital praying that she would stay on this earth with us.

There was an harsh reality, even though my world was up side down, everything around me was still moving forward. And the longer I put off doing task that were small or very important, the more I was drained and overwhelmed by my to-do list. All the goals I had set forth in addition to school work were just sitting and I pretty much was quitting. Let’s be dramatic again, the goals were DEAD!

Now what? Here I was with 3 weeks worth of work that needed to be done in 1 week. Why did I wait? I was tired, emotionally spent, overwhelmed, not taking great care of my health and praying for some miracle to happen to make everything okay again. It was that week before my final assignments were due that I had an Aha moment.

“If I am proactive instead of reactive I will have a better chance to be successful. If I ask for help to achieve the goals I have, there is support when I fail and arms to hold me if I fall. If I keep  what must be done visible in front of me, I have less of a chance of burying it in the bottom of my drawer, trunk of my car, in purse or on my desk.”

Procrastination becomes a web that a lot of us get caught up in when life tosses us the whole kitchen plus the odd ceramic jar we were gifted during the white elephant gift party last year. And it allows the little things to grown into huge tasks that could have been tackled and defeated one day at a time. Oh and yes, I did get the work done but it was super stressful and the quality of work was not what I wanted to put forth. I graduate from grad school with a 3.8 average, I could have had a 4.0 if I had not procrastinated so often.

However, the lesson was learned and so here is what I am saying. Be a GOAL GETTER NOT GOAL QUITTER! Here are 5 tips I want you to think about.

1. Your very first tip is to avoid PROCRASTINATION AT ALL COST.

2. It is better to do a little bit of something than NOTHING AT ALL.

3. Find your truth teller who will hold you accountable and says “Yes, he dumped you, broke your heart and ran away with a Kardashian but you STILL HAVE TO WAKE UP and look amazing until you feel amazing!

4. Keep a journal either written or verbal that documents all that is going on in your world. What you learn about yourself during these times can give you a better grasp of where you need to grow. .

5. It is okay to give yourself grace but remember you still must DO SOMETHING! Keep it visible in front of you.

Ready to become a Goal Getter? and say “I’m Ready!”

halloween gol coach web