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Hey Beauty!

A Beauty


When I was a young girl I remember playing on a grass hill and one of my aunts called out to me “You look soooo big and black!” as the sun was cascading on my back. It was clear in her tone and smirk that this was the worst possible names to be called. It was summer, I was heading into the fourth grade and for years after, that moment played in the back of my mind.

I was blessed with a mother who always talked about how beautiful my “black” was. She is a San Francisco native who grew up with “Say it Loud! I’m Black and I’m PROUD” She would tell me the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice! After that you could not tell me my black was not sweet.

As for the “big”, it creep up on me in 3rd grade. And continue to expand over the years. I wasn’t too concerned about that part besides she was NO little nugget herself lol.

What my aunt did was let me in on the fact that not everyone sees me as being beautiful. In her eyes, my dark melanin damned me to ugliness. I’m still praying for her. Lol, my point is beauty is all of you, from the birth mark to your body shape to your mane. It is all beauty that you must see in yourself. The world is cruel in how they define beauty. Don’t you dare be cruel to yourself.



CBE Mask


CBE Mask

A lot of folks have their public and private life. And some folks are able to balance the pressure of both well. And others simply put a mask on not really being authentic in their public life or private life. The first question I always want to ask is why? What is the fear you have?

I am a true believer that being authentically you is the most freeing and beautiful state of being. Being you is living life as you have chosen, living life your way regardless what lemons it can toss you.

Think about this quote: “One of the greatest tragedies in life is to lose your own sense of self and accept the version of you that is expected by everyone else.”  K.L. Toth

It has me thinking again about one’s worry about what everyone else perception of them. It seems like a unfair burden to carry on based on other people. If you read my earlier post you know I am not a fan of that!

Here is another perspective-

Think about this quote: ““You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.” -Vironika Tugaleva

Who are you really? What defines who you are? Are you hiding behind a mask that starves the world of your personal awesomeness.

Today, I just want you to think.








Happy Wednesday!

I hope your short week for most and regular for some is going well! I was talking with some girlfriends about the things in life I want to change about my current status in life in many areas of my life. And as we were talking I was thinking about the “WHY” I wanted change in different areas and they were talking about their “WHYs”.

In this conversation I realized how easy it is to seek change based on the perception of others and the vibes you get from others and others insecurities that can creep up under the radar like “YOU” have them when you don’t!

It happens so easily but what I shared with them and what I want to share with you is DON’T change because you think that is what other’s want you to do. DON’T change the interaction between yourself and other individuals UNLESS it will be a blessing to your life and those you love!

We can’t afford to live our lives based on other people’s insecurities. We most stand confidently in our own awesomeness. How often do we change how we look to satisfy someone else’s perception of us? Now, of the bat some of you will be like NOPE not ME! But really think about other situations where you began to change when really it was not benefiting you but other people….Just think.



Focus Fridays-Being Authentic saves your Sanity and Soul




To me being a respectful human being means that I value myself and others. And because I do I have boundaries and take care in the way I speak and how I behave in public and behind closed doors.

Bottom line when you walk in a respectful nature you take care in how you represent yourself in all manners of life. A respectful human being pays attention to what is going on at the surface and looking to dig deeper.

Superficial is often not being real with oneself, it is not speaking the truth or your truth. It really is not being honest about your feelings and motives in the words you say and the way you behave in your actions!

I feel like this is an epidemic.

So how do you know the difference? How do we stay authentic?

  1. Take your time to get to know people. Why are you rushing it? What will be lost if you set aside time to have some real conversations and get to know people’s heart?

    And while you are having these conversations, make sure your ears are open and eyes seeing the reflection of their speech in their actions and interactions.

  1. Your people pleasing ways will always get in your way. I know go ahead and say it! I am bothered and I don’t care what people think. Ummmhmmm many say that but if you are not invited to an event, or the right people didn’t like your post or you’re not the go to person for XY & Z….Can you sit with that?

    Can you stand being unliked? Because if you cannot then you are more than likely living a lavishly superficial lifestyle and you lack the truth tellers in your life that will help keep you grounded.

  1. Queens know Queens and Kings know Kings…meaning you know when you meet someone if you are of the same cloth, have the same vibe, of the same spirit AND so you really know when you are not! Which means when you are pressing to force a relationship to happen for whatever benefit you THINK you will get…you might as well be pouring salt into koolaid…it will never be sweet.

    In other words, follow favor. You are doing yourself an injustice of trying to fit into where you are not wanted. To force a connection or a door that is not open to you. Listen, you know and they know the right connection is not there and so it will be a fake, false, superficial union that will never serve you well.

When it is all said and done you must look in the mirror and feel good about the person you are…the person you are becoming. We should all strive to become better respectful human beings.





Excited to invite you to join me every Friday beginning my birthday week on APRIL 7, 2017 as I take on issues that WE need and MUST talk about.

Let me make a quick list so you know what I am talking about.

1. I am fine! – But are we really? Why don’t we speak the truth?

2. I will DO something! – We are often glistened eyes and ready to jump at doing something and then we fall off. How can we stop doing  that?

3. Define Acceptance – I will let that marinated, how often do we accept the things that we can change?

This will be some gooooood chat so please join me on my Instagram: KimberlyWalkercbe, Periscope: Kimberlyjwalker and of course Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/kimjwalker

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Kare TK

Inspirational Facilitator – Karen Terrado – Kouretchian

Kare TK


Karen Terrado, M.Ed.| South King County, Washington | Organization: SOAR | Building Effective Partnerships for Children, Youth and Families

Karen Terrado leads SOAR’s Youth Development and Engagement work in King County, Washington. She is an advocate for youth voice and works to expand and create pathways for young people to learn, engage and organize. She is a University of Washington graduate, a Bachelor degree in Society, Ethics and Human Behavior with minor in Human Rights and a Master in Education Policy. Prior to working with SOAR, Karen designed and implemented research-driven community projects like Bothell Youth Court, that serves the Northshore School District, hearing traffic violations by youth for youth guided by restorative justice principles. She has been a strong partner and supporter to various youth, equity and social change projects and initiatives in Washington State

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karenterrado

RW Inspirational Facilitator

Inspirational Facilitator Ruth Walker

RW Inspirational Facilitator

Ruth Walker as a book author and transitional life-coach she inspires many to take care of the whole person, and enjoy a healthy balanced Christian life.

Ruth has been serving in Christian ministry for over 30 years in congregations in Seattle, Tacoma, and California. Ruth draws from her knowledge, experiences and education to serve passionately in women’s ministry, leadership development and kingdom building training. Additionally, she works with her husband to bring healing, restoration and providing marital counseling to many couples as she and her husband Sherman Walker have enjoyed 38 years of marriage.

She is the mother of three daughters, one son-in-law, and grandmother of three, and has been instrumental in the lives of her children serving as an executive board member for Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience and the Artist Manager of Singer Alena Larie. As a dedicated wife, mother, teacher and pastor we present to you a woman after God’s own heart, an exemplary leader as well as an example of a virtuous woman Pastor Ruth Walker.

Kimberly Hostess

Inspirational Host, Founder and CEO of Kimberly Walker Curves Beautifully Empowered

Kimberly Hostess

Kimberly Walker is an inspirational speaker & writer, goal coach, national beauty queen, inspirational facilitator, and a policy & programming facilitator for early learning . Kimberly is also the founder and CEO of Curves Beautifully Empowered (CBE) which sole purpose is to empower women to attain their goals successfully and have body confidence. She currently holds the national title American Beauties Plus Lifetime Queen where her platform is to empower women to achieve their goals and live their dreams.

Kimberly’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Washington State University’s Edward R. Murrow School of Communications. Kimberly earned a Masters of Social Work degree with emphasis on Policy & Administration from the University of Washington’s School of Social Work. Additionally Ms. Walker is passionate about serving her community, and has spent a number of years serving on; The Advisory Board King County Community Organizing, King County Children and Family Commission, King County Children’s Mental Health Services Health N’ Action, King County Youth Involvement Project Youth N’ Action and Seattle Times Youth Advisory Board. Additionally, she established the Kinship Konnection and serves 40 to 50 families a month with household items and resources. Kimberly has served a number of community based organizations and faith based organizations in her pursuit of improving her community.

Ultimately, Kimberly’s mission is to transform the lives of women by giving support, tools and provide experiences needed to live an empowered life. She defines empowerment as the promotion of self-actualization of one’s inner beauty and power.”

“CBE is so necessary and important to me because I am a woman with dreams and curves. As many women have approached me over the years with questions about my ability to be confident, I realized there is a need. I know when a woman does not fit a standard of beauty in this society they are often limited by either their own perception of self and or by how others treat them. However, when you know who you are, your personal worth and the power you have as a woman, your quality of life can increase tremendously. My platform’s mission is to transform the lives of women with curves by giving support, tools and provide experiences needed to live an empowered life. I define empowerment as the promotion of self-actualization of one’s inner beauty and power.”


Denise Nicole

Inspirational Masters of Ceremonies Denise Nicole

Denise Nicole

We will be guided through the day by the gorgeous, ambitious and amazing Denise Nicole! Learn more about her below!

Denise Nicole’ Johnson is the Career & Education Navigator for Port Jobs non-profit organizations that help individuals find jobs in the Travel and Logistics industry. She is a Fellow in The Greater Seattle Sector Skills Academy. Ms. Johnson is collaborating with other fellows to grow and support sectorial workforce development strategies in the Central Puget Sound region. Personally, she is the mother of two beautiful children. She strives to make a difference in her community by being a positive influence and has been recognized nationally for her excellence and dedication as a national title holder in the American Beauties Plus Pageant. She continues her love of the stage and fashion industry as a full-figure model. Making appearances on Northwest A New Day, Q13 Fox modeling for the Seattle style expert Darcy Camden. She has found her passion for editorial and commercial work through being a brand ambassador for local and national designers. Check out her website! www.denisenicoleinc.com

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