Feel Empowered in 1...2...3...

Feel Empowered in 1…2…3…

I was excited to see the cover of People Magazine with plus size model Tess Holliday. Later in the week I watched her interview on the morning shows.  What I thought about is how did she get there? She is a great example of an empowered woman who lives life on her terms. I have to assume that Tess had to take some steps in order to get to her current life situation. What I want to share this week are a few steps for you to feel empowered. Of course there are many ways to get there but here are a few of my favorite.


Feel empowered in 1, 2, 3…

The reality is all it takes is a few moments to feel empowered. Each day when you wake up look in the mirror and say “Today is my day” you are taking control of your day.  Are you asking why? The quickest way to change your current situation is to change the way you think. There is a great quote that says “IF you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  There is a lot of truth in that statement.  So, your #1 tip to feeling empowered is to plan to take control of your day (everyday) and say “Today is MY day!”

Now, while you’re looking in the mirror what do you see? The real essence of you is on the inside but your outward appearance is also important. Do you look or feel pretty? Sexy? Confident? Strong?  It is amazing what my favorite pair of jeans, cute heels, sassy tee and accessories can do to put me in the mood to tackle life. For you it could be a little black dress or sneakers and at the end of the day, too each her own. Are you asking why? Because when you think you look good, you often feel good and that equates often into CONFIDENCE. Face it, if you think you look like a hot mess, you will feel the same way and how are you going to deal with the world looking and feeling like that? #2 You’re outside can dictate at times how you feel so swag it up and put on your favorite look!

#3 there is nothing better than taking ACTION! The word action has given us some of history’s greatest moments, art and lifestyles. Our actions stir the universe creates the moving and shaking that transpires in our lives. Have you noticed that when you decide to do something how opportunities start opening up? What if Aretha Franklin never pursued her singing career? What if Bill Gates never pursued his genius thoughts? What if they never took action? Then they simply would have never been heard of. There is something that you as an individual are supposed to do. It could be smiling at every person you come in contact with, or starting a business that solves a major problem in the world, or being faithful at reaching your goals and onlookers are inspired to reach their full potential. It all starts with our ability, YOUR ability to take action! Start somewhere!


    1. I am glad you feel that way! I find it valuable and empowering to hear and learn from others often. Have an amazing weekend!

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