Inspirational Panel Speaker Cynthia Turrietta



We are beyond excited to introduce our Inspirational Panel Speaker Cynthia Turrietta!

Cynthia is a first generation American born to immigrant parents. She was born and raised in southern California. As the first person in her family to go to college and then pursue a Masters Degree in Social Work, she has approached life and its challenges with curiosity, focus, and passion. She has always felt that it was a responsibility to support others, especially those furthest away from opportunity. As a therapist for women experiencing domestic violence, she experienced time and again how women struggle to be heard and acknowledged in systems. She witnessed how inequities in health and support make long lasting and even life threatening consequences for women and their children. She has learned that you are never more in your own power than when you believe in yourself, trust yourself, and accept where you are and move forward to where you want to be. She believes that all people carry their own wisdom and have value. She has seen how positive relationships are healing and are at the heart of all that she does.


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