Media Correspondent

CBEE Media Correspondent Alisha Phipps

Media Correspondent

Alisha was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. she is a wife, mother, caregiver, philanthropist, Former Pageant Queen, brand ambassador, mentor and an advocate for body diversity in fashion, film and art. She is the SHE.E.O and President of The Dangerous Curves Society, An organization creating a place in which people are released from self-hatred, value their beauty and identity, and use their energy and intellect to create positive lifestyle changes in their own lives and in their communities. She is the Founder of Curves That Care, a humanitarian initiative in the St. Louis area and Co-founder of the Curvy Ambush a media platform that will give brands a unique way to gain exposure. Alisha is a true advocate for loving yourself where you are. She has been producing Fashion Celebrations, workshops and boot camps since 2016. She believes that EveryBODY is special, unique and valuable. In her Goal for this year is to step out and make new connections and partnerships. If she could title this year it would be… executing the plan, her power word for the year is Magnetic.


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