INSPIRE EMPOWERCurves Beautifully Empowered Experience

There is this wonderful event coming up called Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience. The purpose of this event is to empower women with curves small and large to achieve their goals.

Why? The CBE team is very, very, very, passionate about seeing women achieve their goals. Women have approached our founder Ms. Walker time after time about how she is able to be so confident and move forward in her life with her goals professionally and personally. She decided that it was necessary to create the Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience, a weekend where women can come from all over and work on identifying goals, creating a plan to achieve them and work on the mind, body and soul.

This event is for the woman who has it all together but needs to be refueled and encouraged but this event is also for the woman who is trying to figure it all out. In midst of the self work, there will be fun, great food and sisterhood. We are all deserving of that type of experience. So, don’t delay and purchase your all weekend pass to the Curves Beautifully Empowered Experience today!





  1. Hi would love to share this on my social media, but don’t see anywhere to share it? Also could not get directed to where I can buy tickets! Love this idea for an event! Lovely blog

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